Live Graphics Control

Modern graphics systems are complex and the demands but on them by fast-moving productions make the job of the operator more difficult than ever. With increasing difficulty comes an increasing chance for error, which at best wastes time, at worst compromises a production. Find out how our control �dashboards� can help reduce complexity, preparation time, and the chance of errors. [more]

Graphics Preparation Tools

Some productions, such as sports shows, have only a short amount of time available for graphics preparation, perhaps due to the late availability of information required for graphics. In these situations, one of our customised preparation tools could help to keep timescales under control, without expert help. [more]

Integrated Live Data and Content

If there�s one thing we hate at BG+C it�s typing in something that has already been typed in by someone else. If your production needs some statistics from an XML file, or the boss is banging on about how he wants more User Generated Content, don�t fall back on cut-and-paste. Whether it�s SMS, MMS, web or email, let us provide you with a smart system that�ll help save time, money and headaches. [more]