A Selection of Our Solutions

This page contains details of some of the projects that we have successfully completed across a range of application areas. It is by no means a definitive list of our experience, which includes projects in digital signage and captive networks amongst others. For the sake of readability the details below have been kept to a minimum, but please contact us if you would like to know more.

Call TV

We have worked with most of the UK's Call TV producers at one time or another, so our experience in this area is arguably unsurpassed. During the height of the Call TV genre in the UK, we were responsible for over 50% of the shows on-air, providing Live Control applications and Data Integration services.

We have an array of ready-made games (including Towers, Wordsearch, and Picture Puzzles) complete with graphics and control, or can custom-build any game you need, for supply anywhere in the world.

EXAMPLES: Sudoku| Quiz Nation| Puzzlebook| Quiz Call| Make Your Play


As detailed on the Data Integration page, we have extensive experience in mobile data, both as a message broker and as a content enabler in the broadcast industry.

Our solutions in this arena cover all kinds of applications, from simple text chat to fully automated 24x7 dating channels making use of near-live MMS pictures and video. We can also provide interactive games of the sort seen on many music channels, as well as automated video voting solutions.

Examples: Extreme Sports| Big Brother| Magic Ball| Chatbox| School Run| Tank Wars


Whilst we wouldn't claim to be specialists in sports graphics, we have nevertheless been involved in a few live productions where we helped to streamline and safeguard the graphics preparation and control processes.

The examples to the left don't give much away, but take our word that our Graphics Preparation and Live Control services were of value here, due to a combination of tight preparation deadlines, large data volumes, and complex control structures.

Examples: Football| Greyhound Racing| Tennis

Automated Video Titling

We're really proud of this one: automated video titling for music videos. One of our clients had a problem with the large number of new videos they needed to edit each week, so we built them an automated titling solution. It queries the automation's MOS interface to work out what song is on next, then adds start and end titles in the appropriate style, at the appropriate time.

We don't know how much money was saved in the edit suite, but it was probably a lot, and the nice thing is they don't need to worry about rebranding; just change the graphics template and it's all taken care of dynamically.

Examples: E4 Music

Teleshopping and Auction TV Control

We provided one of our clients with a full graphics and playout system for their two shopping channels. The channels consisted of prerecorded video and live graphics that were under the control of our software to give the impression of live TV.

Our solution interfaced with the client's CRM system to track item prices and stock levels in real time, then control the output accordingly. This was one of the few projects we haven't completed using the Clarity system: it was delivered using Airbox and Titlebox products from Playbox.

Examples: Going Down TV