Integrated Live Data and Content

Whether it's User Generated Content, the news from an RSS feed somewhere, or some vital statistics from your database, we have plenty of experience in getting your data to screen, and can help with all stages of the process. Our staff have particular experience in the mobile arena, and can provide assistance with supplier sourcing, billing, regulation and customer care.


Data should come automatically from your data provider, whether it be SMS, MMS, 3G or web, and get imported straight into your system in a format you can deal with. This means fewer headaches all round, and has the added benefit of increasing data security.

We can help with all the elements of integration, including appointing a supplier, if required, and have particular experience in mobile data.


Whether it's simple text moderation, complex service management, or reporting, we've supplied moderation and management software with all kinds of functionality for all kinds of applications.

Our projects have ranged from from simple one-page web-based consoles, to multi-user systems capable of handling any kind of content and designed to operate 24 hours a day.


Once approved, data needs to be formatted for broadcast then transferred to your graphics system and prepared for playout. We can provide tools to manage most aspects of broadcast conversion, for example, aspect ratio and data format.

See also our Live Control pages for more information on our expertise in playout control.

Relevance: Call TV, Sports, Teleshopping, Game Shows, Viewer Interaction

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