Graphics Preparation Tools

Our preparation tools are aimed at clients who have problems with late or inconsistent graphics, or, as in the example given previously, need dependable ways to get graphics to air in a short amount of time.

Graphics systems like the Clarity offer a way to template visuals to ensure a consistency of style and aid the operator in preparation, but our additional tools take this functionality a step further. By adding features such as custom automation and data collection to a templated system, we can greatly increase the efficiency and consistency of the graphics production process, making it more likely that the right graphics appear in the right place, and at the right time.

Our applications look and work like standard Windows applications, and we try to make our software as easy to use as possible. This might mean that you won't need an expert to operate it, which in turn might mean less hassle resourcing your production.

In fact, if it's less hassle you're after, perhaps we could talk to you about integrating graphics preparation into some of your wider processes, like planning? With an automated, template-driven system it's just possible you could have your promos completed just moments after your planner commits his schedule.

In short these tools can enable anyone, not just your best graphics operators, to quickly create customised graphics without in-depth knowledge of the job, the data, or even the graphics system itself. If this sounds like something that would help you, then contact us for a chat about your requirements.

Relevance: Sports, Post Production, Talk Shows

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