Live Graphics Control

If you're the producer of a show then you may not think too much about your graphics, as long as they look good and work, and that of course is fine and as it should be.

But put yourself in the graphics operator's seat and you might get a different perspective. You don't know it, but that nice scoreboard animation is actually spread over five different pages and uses seven different triggers, or there's that cool contestant graphic for which she needs to remember and update twelve fields in ten seconds. That's why things occasionally go wrong, or take longer than you'd like.

It doesn't have to be that way, because our operator control expertise can help streamline and simplify your graphics operation.

We take the complexities of show control away from the operator and move them into custom software, which means that instead of a potentially cumbersome graphics system interface, they use a simple, user-friendly, dedicated dashboard.

It looks like a normal Windows application, takes care of the donkey-work, and only has as many buttons as absolutely required by the job, which means that you end up with a dramatic reduction in the chance of delays and errors. As an additional bonus, automating via software has the advantage that we can create effects that would be simply impossible for a human operator to achieve manually. If this is of interest then contact us today for an informal chat and a free evaluation of your needs.

Relevance: Call TV, Sports, Teleshopping, Talk Shows, Game Shows

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