What Do We Do?

We primarily provide TV companies with control systems for live or near-live on-air graphics.

This means that if you've got a production that uses graphics that are complex, or that must be created and aired in a short amount of time, then we could help make the process easier, quicker, and more robust.

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Live Control Dashboards

Operator "dashboards" for use in live or near-live broadcasts.

Graphics Preparation

Tools that take the hard work away from the operator.

Data Integration

Get live SMS, MMS, 3G and other data into your show.

Why "Clarity Application Specialists"?

As it turns out, the majority of our broadcast work has been completed using the Clarity graphics system from Pixel Power, and we know the equipment so well that we think we can get away with calling ourselves specialists.

As you'll begin to understand as you look through the site, our central expertise is in automating the system using our software solutions, but we can, and do, get involved in all aspects, including graphic design.

So, if you've got a Clarity system and are looking into how to use it, automate it, or even train someone to work with it, then contact us. We will happily provide some free advice on your requirements.

Our Markets

Our services are available for all kinds of TV formats, including Teleshopping, Sports, Call TV, Viewer Interaction, and Music TV.

We can also provide automated solutions that increase efficiency in Post Production and other offline areas.

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